Thursday, 3 October 2013

First 2 Influence Maps and thumbnails 1 - 16.

To start, I have created two very basic influence maps, creating broad overviews of my visual inspirations for both chapters. The two chapters describe distinctly contrasting environments and while collecting pictures I tried to keep the colour schemes for each similar (i.e. sticking to blues and greens for the Submarine Forest and more earthy, red tones for The Nautilus.) I think this will help me later on when my sketches become more in-depth and I begin to really think about my colour choices for each scene, it will also help to keep me on track and constantly aware of the environments I'm working on. My next few maps will be much more detailed and varied.

I then returned to the thumbnails I started during our first photoshop tutorial and completed them. There are only a couple of scenes here that I'm really fond of and might take forward to expand on in later thumbnail collections. This is mainly because I was still testing out brushes and settings and so many of these don't reflect my ideas in the way I'd originally planned.


  1. Hey Georgia :)

    Your thumbnails are very arresting, I was drawn to them immediately! Very impactful. In terms of those interiors of the nautilus, you might want to think a bit less 'right angles' about that space. After all, it's a streamlined submarine, so the interior spaces might me much more curvaceous; you might want to look at tunnels, the ceilings of cathedrals, more organic shapes, more sculptural shapes to get some dynamic ideas going for those interiors; remember, you're the concept artist and it's your job to find a visual concept that honours the source material, but also finds new ways into the world of the book.

  2. Hi Georgia, im in your creative partner thingie :) I really like thumbnails 6, 7 and 15 there is a very strong link to your influence maps, showing where you got your inspiration :) which I think helps :P keep it up!!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the feedback, 15 is one of my favourites from this bunch as well. (: That influence map was definitely the easiest to work from.

  3. Hey, nice set of thumbnails!
    11, 12 and 15 caught my eye :)

  4. hey ..number 4 and 8 really stood out to me... the tone and shading is great :)