Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Thumbnails 17 - 32

The images represented in these thumbnails hold a lot more structure than the previous set, with clearer positioning and stronger lines. I also tried to play around with different lighting, perspectives and rounder shapes.


  1. I like 21, 22 and 26 from these, very nice !
    Very encouraging as I need to pick up my tablet and get those digital thumbnails done, sticking to pencil so far! :/

  2. liking 25, as you're getting to grips here with the idea of the nautilius's interior - I would like to see some of your thumbnails 'supersizing' your environment a bit, as many of these seem closely 'cropped in' - as if the view-finder of your 'camera' is up-close to the environments - how about take a step back and trying for something a bit more grandiose?

  3. Hey georgia.. really like 21 and 22 :)

  4. Hey georgia :D it's me :)
    i like22 and 25 personally :) 22 shows really well with lighting , dark with shadow while 25 have a interesting shapes of the flaming :)