Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Scene 1: Thumbnails and Colour Test

I tried out different perspectives, angles and looks for the library scene in these three thumbnails, I liked 35 the best and ended up creating a rough colour test.

I'm generally happy with this colour palette, although I'd like to enhance the lightning and in turn the shadows and also I'd like the tones to be a little richer to really give an almost expensive feel to the room.

The left side is unfinished on this test as I was still deciding whether to change the layout from both sides being full of books to one side being a wall of windows. The windows would allow me to still incorporate the outside environment in which the Nautilus is primarily situated. With the final design I plan to add in more pieces of furniture or decoration to represent Nemo's large collections and to give a more interesting perspective to the scene. I have more thumbnails ready to upload that I tested these thoughts on.

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