Friday, 20 September 2013

Summer Project: Structure Turnaround

Flying Structure.

Summer Project: Machine Turnaround

The Helping Hands.
The design for this machine is a little more complicated and busy than the one for my life-form, it's separated into different parts with lots of joints and bolts to make it look as though it's been put together by hand. This machine has eyes, propellers (that work similar to that of a helicopter) and a socket in it's back for it to be charged.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Summer Project: Thumbnail Sketches 6

Summer Project: Thumbnail Sketches 5

Summer Project: Thumbnail Sketches 4

Summer Project: Life-form Turnaround

Hook Mermaid.
For this design I tried to keep the outline and details simple since the life-form would have to blend in to her surroundings. Keeping with that idea and the fish/sea theme of the concept, I kept the range of colours within greys, blues and greens. In contrast I wanted to give the skin a warmer palette although keeping the colours slightly off from what they should be to give her an almost sickly feeling. 

Summer Project: Thumbnail Sketches 3