Friday, 20 September 2013

Summer Project: Structure Turnaround

Flying Structure.


  1. I like the idea! It looks like something that could actually move and be built :)

    I would suggest thinking more about presenting your work :) I know it's only your first bigger project but it's good to have the details in mind all the time : ))

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Georgia - see link :)

  3. Hi Georgia - time to get some Cinematic Spaces stuff on here pronto - no content, no feedback. Your design sheets for the summer project were lovely, so please don't be shy or self-censor! Onwards, Georgia, onwards!

    See link!

  4. Me again!

  5. Hi Georgia,

    Phil is right - you have to start thinking about your time management and your project. There are thumbnails to be done that I would love to see here and film reviews : )

    Remember to have fun while doing all these! Good luck : )