Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Life Drawing 2

Quick poses drawn in charcoal

An exercise where we experimented with the uses of negative and positive spaces, drawn with charcoal.

A larger group of quick poses also done with charcoal.

Longer exercises both drawn in charcoal.
The first is a pose drawn without lifting the charcoal from the page, I found this difficult and the result is a lot different from my normal drawings.
Second is my last drawing of the day, using the same sort of technique as the previous exercise, accentuating both the background and foreground using negative and positive spaces.

Life Drawing 1

Very short quick poses, done in charcoal.

 A longer pose and my first drawing of the lesson, done in pencil.

Two longer poses, both drawn in charcoal.

A page of quick poses, all drawn in charcoal.

 Having done life drawing many times before I was comfortable with all the exercises. Although I prefer the longer poses and working in mediums other than charcoal, it proved helpful in the end, allowing me to loosen up my style and create more flowing works without so much focus on perfecting the details in every image.

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