Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Space and Environment: Online Greenlight Review


  1. OGR 11/10/2013

    Hey Georgia,

    Firstly - this is a very organised and readable OGR document. It's nicely presented. Okay, so as I think I suggested before, I'm pleased to see the library thumbnail which is beginning to be more curious about the possibilities for a library inside a submarine! You still need to get to grips with the interior architecture of that sub before you try filling it with books; try, for example, imagining you're installing a room inside a circular tunnel - how would that work structurally? It looks to me as if you're setting your version at the time the book was written, so in terms of engineered structures, why not look at some representative building technologies of the period; for example:

    (I mean, wouldn't that just make an amazing library space or suggested interior of the nautilus?)

    and see these too:

    You just need to think more about your world, Georgia - the world that sits just outside of the descriptions in the book, but is suggested by the era/technologies/associated ideas of the period etc.

    Looking at your thumbnails, you seem to be very interested in the 'character' elements - the people, the fish, the spider, but these elements are not the focus of the brief and including them is 'shrinking' your compositions, so that they're snapshots of scenes, as opposed to exploration of spaces - and there's a difference. I think you need to 'supersize' your imagination, Georgia and think much more cinematically and 'widescreen' about your digital paintings. I think you, again, to look at some proper real world reference to inspire you in terms of the actual terrains and textures and structures that could be included to bring your seascapes to teeming life: for example:

    You should consider thinking of these underwater spaces as much more like 'rainforests' - as eco-systems of different things, all layered on top of each other - maybe more like this:

    More generally, in terms of your overall design, there's a softness to your shading that suggests a slightly younger audience for your animated version of 20,000 Leagues - more toony, than VFX, so maybe you'd like to consider the following artists as a way of bringing an overall style to your universe in line with a younger audience?

    So - short version - more actual real world research, more actual thinking about the wider world of your design choices - avoid generic libraries or generic seaweed and avoid reducing your cinematic spaces to mere aquariums, and think about your audience too and what that gives you in terms of opportunities for style and stylisation! Onwards!

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  3. Hi Georgia,

    Everything okay? Things have gone a bit quiet on here - let me know, because I'm very much looking forward to seeing more thumbnails etc on here.


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